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Getting Help

Here you will find information about how to best use the Search Court Records application and links to resources that will help you use the system. You can also get help using Washington Courts eService Center by searching our knowledgebase.

About FAQs

  1. How do I view my child support case?

    Searching by case number: If you have the case number, you can pull up your case by going to the link, Case Number/Case Name Search, and clicking on this link. This will navigate you to a court level screen. Next, click on the Superior court cases link for the court level (all child support and divorce cases go through Superior court). Then, select the tab, Search by Case number. This will bring up a window with a pull down menu of all the county Superior courts listed alphabetically. Use the pull down menu to select the Superior court where your case is being heard. Below that, type in the Case number and click submit. This will pull up your case.

  2. How do I find out when my hearing is scheduled in court?  Click Here
  3. I have a question that isn't listed here. Can I find my question elsewhere or post a new question?

    If the question you have is not listed here you can also go to the eService Center to see additional questions about Search Case Records. See below for more detail


    To access help and support from the eService Center Click Here.

    The eService Center has two main tabs
    Find Answer
    My stuff

    The Find Answer tab displays a search window. Type a key-word (e.g. Search Case Records), and the search tool will search the knowledge base for Most Frequently Asked Questions on this topic. A list of questions displays. If your question is on this list, click the question to view the posted answer.

    If you do not see your question on the Most Frequently Asked Questions list, you can submit a question to the support staff. Click on the "Using this Page" tab to find out more about how to post a question to the eService Center.

    If you are a court user, you would click on the "Ask an Expert" tab, and use your RACF ID and password to post your question. If you are a public user, before you submit a question, you will need to create an account. You will click on the "Login" tab to create your account with a User ID and Password.

    Once your account is set up, you can click on "Ask an Expert" tab to post your question. A reply will be posted on your "My stuff" tab usually within 24 hours.

Finding a Court or Court Person
You can contact your local court by using the Washington Court directory.


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